AZ-400 – Question 51

You have an Azure DevOps organization named Contoso.

You need to receive Microsoft Teams notifications when work items are updated.

What should you do?

A. From Azure DevOps, configure a service hook subscription
B. From Microsoft Teams, configure a connector 
C. From the Microsoft Teams admin center, configure external access
D. From Microsoft Teams, add a channel
E. From Azure DevOps, install an extension
Correct Answer: B
Service hooks let you run tasks on other services when events happen in your Azure DevOps projects. For example, create a card in Trello when a work item is created or send a push notification to your team’s mobile devices when a build fails. You can also use service hooks in custom apps and services as a more efficient way to drive activities when events happen in your projects.
Note: Service hook publishers define a set of events. Subscriptions listen for the events and define actions to take based on the event. Subscriptions also target consumers, which are external services that can run their own actions, when an event occurs.