AZ-400 – Question 57

You configure Azure Application Insights and the shared service plan tier for a web app.

You enable Smart Detection.
You confirm that standard metrics are visible in the logs, but when you test a failure, you do not receive a Smart Detection notification.

What prevents the Smart Detection notification from being sent?

A. You must enable the Snapshot Debugger for the web app.
B. Smart Detection uses the first 24 hours to establish the normal behavior of the web app.
C. The web app is configured to use the shared service plan tier.
D. You must restart the web app before Smart Detection is enabled.
Correct Answer: B 
After setting up Application Insights for your project, and if your app generates a certain minimum amount of data, Smart Detection of failure anomalies takes 24 hours to learn the normal behavior of your app, before it is switched on and can send alerts.