AZ-400 – Question 60

You have an Azure DevOps organization named Contoso and an Azure subscription.

You use Azure DevOps to build a containerized app named App1 and deploy App1 to an Azure container instance named ACI1.
You need to restart ACI1 when App1 stops responding.

What should you do?

A. Add a liveness probe to the YAML configuration of App1. 
B. Add a readiness probe to the YAML configuration of App1.
C. Use Connection Monitor in Azure Network Watcher.
D. Use IP flow verify in Azure Network Watcher.

Correct Answer: B 

For containerized applications that serve traffic, you might want to verify that your container is ready to handle incoming requests. Azure Container Instances supports readiness probes to include configurations so that your container can’t be accessed under certain conditions. The readiness probe behaves like a
Kubernetes readiness probe. For example, a container app might need to load a large data set during startup, and you don’t want it to receive requests during this time.
YAML is used to setup a liveness probe.