AZ-400 – Question 74

You are designing a configuration management solution to support five apps hosted on Azure App Service. Each app is available in the following three environments: development, test, and production.

You need to recommend a configuration management solution that meets the following requirements:
✑ Supports feature flags
✑ Tracks configuration changes from the past 30 days
✑ Stores hierarchically structured configuration values
✑ Controls access to the configurations by using role-based access control (RBAC) permissions
✑ Stores shared values as key/value pairs that can be used by all the apps

Which Azure service should you recommend as the configuration management solution?

A. Azure Cosmos DB
B. Azure App Service
C. Azure App Configuration
D. Azure Key Vault

Correct Answer: C 

The Feature Manager in the Azure portal for App Configuration provides a UI for creating and managing the feature flags that you use in your applications.
App Configuration offers the following benefits:
✑ A fully managed service that can be set up in minutes
✑ Flexible key representations and mappings
✑ Tagging with labels
✑ Point-in-time replay of settings
✑ Dedicated UI for feature flag management
✑ Comparison of two sets of configurations on custom-defined dimensions
Enhanced security through Azure-managed identities
✑ Encryption of sensitive information at rest and in transit
✑ Native integration with popular frameworks
App Configuration complements Azure Key Vault, which is used to store application secrets.