AZ-400 – Question 26


You have recently created a web application for your company.
You have been tasked with making sure that a summary of the exceptions that transpire in the application is automatically sent to Microsoft Teams on a daily basis.
Which of the following Azure services should you use? Answer by dragging the correct options from the list to the answer area.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Exceptions in your live web app are reported by Application Insights.
Note: Periodical reports help keep a team informed on how their business critical services are doing. Developers, DevOps/SRE teams, and their managers can be productive with automated reports reliably delivering insights without requiring everyone to sign in the portal. Such reports can also help identify gradual increases in latencies, load or failure rates that may not trigger any alert rules.
You can programmatically query Application Insights data to generate custom reports on a schedule. The following options can help you get started quickly:
Automate reports with Microsoft Flow
✑ Automate reports with Logic Apps


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