PL-400 – Question 24


Question 24

You create a Power Apps app that integrates with Dynamics 365 Customer Service.
You update the app and run a solution checker on the original solution. You receive an error stating solution checker cannot export the solution.
You need to determine the primary cause for the issue.
What is the primary cause?

A. The original solution is locked because there is a dependent patch.
B. The solution was not exported before running solution checker.
C. The environment is an Administrator mode.
D. Solution checker cannot check default solutions.

Correct Answer: A
Solution checker fails to export patched solutions.
If a solution has had a patch applied, Solution Checker will fail to export the solution for analysis. When a solution has had a patch applied, the original solution becomes locked and it can’t be changed or exported as long as there are dependent patches that exist in the organization that identify the solution as the parent solution.
To resolve this issue, clone the solution so that all patches related to the solution are rolled into the newly created solution. This unlocks the solution and allows the solution to be exported from the system.
Reference: with-model-driven-app-components