PL-400 – Question 62


Question 62

You are creating an integration that uses an Azure function to create records in the Common Data Service when leads are submitted from your company website.
You create and configure a Common Data Service application user.
You do not have administrator access to the Common Data Service environment you are using for access to Azure Active Directory. Company policy dictates that service accounts must be used for integrations, and integrations must not be granted privileges beyond what is needed.
You need to recommend actions that an administrator should perform to configure access for the Azure Function.
Which three actions should you perform? Each correct selection presents part of the solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Create an application registration in Azure Active Directory.
B. Assign the system administrator security role to the application user.
C. Assign the Power Platform administrator role to the application user in Azure Active Directory.
D. Create a new security role with the minimum required permissions and assign to the application user.
E. Grant the application delegated permissions to the Dynamics CRM API in Azure Active Directory.
F. Deploy Azure B2B guest permissions to the application user.

Correct Answer: ADE