AZ-304 – Question #49


Question #49

Your company has the divisions shown in the following table.

Sub1 contains an Azure web app that runs an ASP.NET application named App1. App1 uses the Microsoft identity platform (v2.0) to handle user authentication.
Users from can authenticate to App1.
You need to recommend a solution to allow users from to authenticate to App1.
What should you recommend for the Azure AD tenant?

A. a conditional access policy
B. pass-through authentication
C. guest accounts
D. an app registration

Correct Answer: D
There are several components that make up the Microsoft identity platform:
✑ OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect standard-compliant authentication service
Application management portal: A registration and configuration experience in the Azure portal, along with the other Azure management capabilities.

You register an application using the App registrations experience in the Azure portal so that your app can be integrated with the Microsoft identity platform and call Microsoft Graph.