AZ-400 – Question 154

You plan to onboard 10 new developers.

You need to recommend a development environment that meets the following requirements:
✑ Integrates with GitHub
✑ Provides integrated debugging tools
✑ Supports remote workers and hot-desking environments
✑ Supports developers who use browsers, tablets, and Chromebooks

What should you recommend?

A. VS Code
B. Xamarin Studio
C. MonoDevelop
D. Visual Studio Codespaces

Correct Answer: D 

Visual Studio Codespaces is built to accommodate the widest variety of projects or tasks, including GitHub and integrating debugging.
Visual Studio Codespaces conceptually and technically extends the Visual Studio Code Remote Development extensions.
In addition to "backend" environments, Visual Studio Codespaces supports these "frontend" editors:
✑ Visual Studio Code
✑ Visual Studio Code-based editor in the browser