AZ-400 – Question 155

You have a build pipeline in Azure Pipelines.

You create a Slack App Integration.
You need to send build notifications to a Slack channel named #Development.

What should you do first?

A. Create a project-level notification.
B. Configure a service connection.
C. Create a global notification.
D. Creates a service hook subscription.

Correct Answer: D

Create a service hook for Azure DevOps with Slack to post messages to Slack in response to events in your Azure DevOps organization, such as completed builds, code changes, pull requests, releases, work items changes, and more.
1. Go to your project Service Hooks page:
Select Create Subscription.
2. Choose the types of events you want to appear in your Slack channel.
3. Paste the Web Hook URL from the Slack integration that you created and select Finish.
4. Now, when the event you configured occurs in your project, a notification appears in your team’s Slack channel.