AZ-400 – Question 23

Your company has an application that contains a number of Azure App Service web apps and Azure functions.

You would like to view recommendations with regards to the security of the web apps and functions. You plan to navigate to Compute and Apps to achieve your goal.

Which of the following should you access to make use of Compute and Apps?

A. Azure Log Analytics
B. Azure Event Hubs
C. Azure Advisor
D. Azure Security Center
Correct Answer: D 
Monitor compute and app services: Compute & apps include the App Services tab, which App services: list of your App service environments and current security state of each.
Recommendations –
This section has a set of recommendations for each VM and computer, web and worker roles, Azure App Service Web Apps, and Azure App Service Environment that Security Center monitors. The first column lists the recommendation. The second column shows the total number of resources that are affected by that recommendation. The third column shows the severity of the issue.