AZ-400 – Question 24

You need to consider the underlined segment to establish whether it is accurate.

Your company has a multi-tier application that has its front end hosted in Azure App Service.
To pinpoint the average load times of the application pages, you should make use of Azure Event Hubs.
Select "No adjustment required" if the underlined segment is accurate. If the underlined segment is inaccurate, select the accurate option.

A. No adjustment required.
B. Azure Application Insights
C. Azure Log Analytics
D. Azure Advisor

Correct Answer: B 

Application Insights will tell you about any performance issues and exceptions, and help you find and diagnose the root causes.
Application Insights can monitor both Java and ASP.NET web applications and services, WCF services. They can be hosted on-premises, on virtual machines, or as Microsoft Azure websites.
On the client side, Application Insights can take telemetry from web pages and a wide variety of devices including iOS, Android, and Windows Store apps.