AZ-400 – Question 259

Your company has a project in Azure DevOps for a new web application.

The company uses ServiceNow for change management.
You need to ensure that a change request is processed before any components can be deployed to the production environment.

What are two ways to integrate ServiceNow into the Azure DevOps release pipeline? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Define a deployment control that invokes the ServiceNow REST API.
B. Define a pre-deployment gate before the deployment to the Prod stage. 
C. Define a deployment control that invokes the ServiceNow SOAP API.
D. Define a post-deployment gate after the deployment to the QA stage. 

Correct Answer: AB

An example of a release pipeline that can be modeled through a release pipeline in shown below:
In this example, a release of a website is created by collecting specific versions of two builds (artifacts), each from a different build pipeline. The release is first deployed to a Dev stage and then forked to two QA stages in parallel. If the deployment succeeds in both the QA stages, the release is deployed to Prod ring 1 and then to Prod ring 2. Each production ring represents multiple instances of the same website deployed at various locations around the globe.