AZ-400 – Question 260

Your company develops an application named App1 that is deployed in production.

As part of an application update, a new service is being added to App1. The new service requires access to an application named App2 that is currently in development.
You need to ensure that you can deploy the update to App1 before App2 becomes available. You must be able to enable the service in App1 once App2 is deployed.

What should you do?

A. Implement a feature flag.
B. Create a fork in the build.
C. Create a branch in the build.
D. Implement a branch policy.

Correct Answer: A 

Feature flags support a customer-first DevOps mindset, to enable (expose) and disable (hide) features in a solution, even before they are complete and ready for release.
Incorrect Answers:
C: Branch policies are an important part of the Git workflow and enable you to:
✑ Isolate work in progress from the completed work in your master branch
✑ Guarantee changes build before they get to master