AZ-400 – Question 261

You have a private distribution group that contains provisioned and unprovisioned devices.

You need to distribute a new iOS application to the distribution group by using Microsoft Visual Studio App Center.

What should you do?

A. Request the Apple ID associated with the user of each device.
B. Register the devices on the Apple Developer portal.
C. Create an active subscription in App Center Test.
D. Add the device owner to the organization in App Center.

Correct Answer: B 

When releasing an iOS app signed with an ad-hoc or development provisioning profile, you must obtain tester’s device IDs (UDIDs), and add them to the provisioning profile before compiling a release. When you enable the distribution group’s Automatically manage devices setting, App Center automates the before mentioned operations and removes the constraint for you to perform any manual tasks. As part of automating the workflow, you must provide the user name and password for your Apple ID and your production certificate in a .p12 format.
App Center starts the automated tasks when you distribute a new release or one of your testers registers a new device. First, all devices from the target distribution group will be registered, using your Apple ID, in your developer portal and all provisioning profiles used in the app will be generated with both new and existing device ID. Afterward, the newly generated provisioning profiles are downloaded to App Center servers.