AZ-400 – Question 54


You use Azure DevOps to manage the build and deployment of an app named App1.
You have a release pipeline that deploys a virtual machine named VM1.
You plan to monitor the release pipeline by using Azure Monitor.
You need to create an alert to monitor the performance of VM1. The alert must be triggered when the average CPU usage exceeds 70 percent for five minutes.
The alert must calculate the average once every minute.
How should you configure the alert rule? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
Hot Area:
Correct Answer:
Box 1: 5 minutes –
The alert must calculate the average once every minute.
Note: We [Microsoft] recommend choosing an Aggregation granularity (Period) that is larger than the Frequency of evaluation, to reduce the likelihood of missing the first evaluation of added time series
Box 2: Static –
Box 3: Greater than –
Example, say you have an App Service plan for your website. You want to monitor CPU usage on multiple instances running your web site/app. You can do that using a metric alert rule as follows:
✑ Target resource: myAppServicePlan
✑ Metric: Percentage CPU
✑ Condition Type: Static
✑ Dimensions
✑ Instance = InstanceName1, InstanceName2
✑ Time Aggregation: Average
✑ Period: Over the last 5 mins
✑ Frequency: 1 min
✑ Operator: GreaterThan
✑ Threshold: 70
✑ Like before, this rule monitors if the average CPU usage for the last 5 minutes exceeds 70%.
✑ Aggregation granularity