AZ-400 – Question 55

You have an Azure subscription that contains multiple Azure services.

You need to send an SMS alert when scheduled maintenance is planned for the Azure services.

Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Enable Azure Security Center.
B. Create and configure an Azure Monitor alert rule.
C. Create an Azure Service Health alert.
D. Create and configure an action group.
Correct Answer: CD 
Creating planned maintenance alerts using Azure Service Health
1. Login into the Azure portal and select Service Health.
2. Select Health alerts followed by + Create service health alert from the top of the window on the right.
3. In the Edit Alert blade, give the alert a Name, Description, check the subscription is correct and choose a resource group.
4. The next step is to work through the Criteria section choosing which services, regions and types of event alerts should be monitored. For the purpose of this article all services and regions have been checked but only planned maintenance events.
5. Select or create an Action group. (An Action group is a group of actions to be taken, should an event be logged.)
6. Configure the actions to be taken. We are only configuring an email alert, so we first name the action, then chose Email/SMS/Push/Voice from the drop down list.
Note: Azure Service Health can be used to view problems with Azure services that may impact any of your cloud services. Service Health monitors three types of health event:
Service issues ג€" Azure services that are currently experiencing problems
Planned maintenance ג€" Any known future maintenance that may affect the availability of your services
Health advisories ג€" Changes in services, for example, deprecated features or exceeded quota usage.