PL-600 – Question 18


Question 18

You are designing the data model for a school. The school wants to track students’ enrollments in courses.
The system must meet the following requirements:
✑ Track the courses in which each student is enrolled.
✑ Track the students that are enrolled in each course.
✑ Track dates when each student enrolled in each course and the person who approved the enrollment.
✑ Allow users to create a report that details which students are enrolled in which courses.
You need to recommend a data model that will fit the schoolג€™s requirements.
Which logical model should you recommend?





Correct Answer: A
Need a relationship table.
N:N (Many-to-Many): A table relationship that depends on a special Relationship table, sometimes called an Intersect table, so that many rows of one table can be related to many rows of another table.
When viewing rows of either table in a N:N relationship you can see a list of any rows of the other table that are related to it.