PL-600 – Question 32


Question 32

You are a Power Apps architect for a company. The IT administrator designs a Power Apps app that is ready to be tested. The company uses application lifecycle management (ALM).
Each version and solution component must be tracked as it is tested.
You need to recommend a strategy to deploy solutions for the user acceptance testing environment.
What should you recommend?

A. Use Package Deployer and deploy a managed solution.
B. Use Package Deployer and deploy an unmanaged solution.
C. Use Solution Packager and deploy a managed solution.
D. Use Solution Packager and deploy an unmanaged solution.

Correct Answer: C
Solution Packager is a tool that can unpack a compressed solution file into multiple XML files and other files, so they can be easily managed by a source control system.
Unmanaged solution: An open solution with no restrictions on what can be added, removed or modified. This is recommended during the development of a solution.
Incorrect Answers:
A, B: Package Deployer lets administrators or developers deploy comprehensive packages of relevant assets to Dataverse instances.

C: Managed solution – A completed solution ready to be imported into an organization. Once imported, components can’t be added or removed, although they can optionally allow further customization. This is recommended when the development of the solution is complete.


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