PL-400 – Question 03


Question 03

A company manages capital equipment for an electric utility company. The company has a SQL Server database that contains maintenance records for the equipment.
Technicians who service the equipment use the Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile app on tablet devices to view scheduled assignments. Technicians use a canvas app to display the maintenance history for each piece of equipment and update the history.
Managers use a Power BI dashboard that displays Dynamics 365 Field Service and real-time maintenance data.
Due to increasing demand, managers must be able to work in the field as technicians.
You need to design a solution that allows the managers to work from one single screen.
What should you do?

A. Add the maintenance history app to the Field Service Mobile app.
B. Add the manager Power BI dashboard to the Field Service mobile app.
C. Create a new maintenance canvas app from within the Power BI management dashboard.
D. Add the maintenance history app to the Power BI dashboard.

Correct Answer: D