AZ-104 – Question 14


Your company has an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant that is configured for hybrid coexistence with the on-premises Active Directory domain.
You plan to deploy several new virtual machines (VMs) in Azure. The VMs will have the same operating system and custom software requirements.
You configure a reference VM in the on-premise virtual environment. You then generalize the VM to create an image.
You need to upload the image to Azure to ensure that it is available for selection when you create the new Azure VMs.
Which PowerShell cmdlets should you use?

A. Add-AzVM
B. Add-AzVhd
C. Add-AzImage
D. Add-AzImageDataDisk

Correct Answer: B 
The Add-AzVhd cmdlet uploads on-premises virtual hard disks, in .vhd file format, to a blob storage account as fixed virtual hard disks.