AZ-104 – Question 34


You have an Azure subscription named AZPT1 that contains the resources shown in the following table:

You create a new Azure subscription named AZPT2.
You need to identify which resources can be moved to AZPT2.
Which resources should you identify?

  • A. VM1, storage1, VNET1, and VM1Managed only
  • B. VM1 and VM1Managed only
  • C. VM1, storage1, VNET1, VM1Managed, and RVAULT1
  • D. RVAULT1 only

Correct Answer: C 
You can move a VM and its associated resources to a different subscription by using the Azure portal.
You can now move an Azure Recovery Service (ASR) Vault to either a new resource group within the current subscription or to a new subscription.