AZ-104 – Question 74


You have an on-premises server that contains a folder named D:\Folder1.
You need to copy the contents of D:\Folder1 to the public container in an Azure Storage account named contosodata.
Which command should you run?

  • A.
  • B. azcopy sync D:\folder1 –snapshot
  • C. azcopy copy D:\folder1 –recursive
  • D. az storage blob copy start-batch D:\Folder1

Correct Answer: C 
The azcopy copy command copies a directory (and all of the files in that directory) to a blob container. The result is a directory in the container by the same name.
Incorrect Answers:
B: The azcopy sync command replicates the source location to the destination location. However, the file is skipped if the last modified time in the destination is more recent.
D: The az storage blob copy start-batch command copies multiple blobs to a blob container.