AZ-104 – Question 6

Your company has a Microsoft Azure subscription.
The company has data centers in Los Angeles and New York.
You are configuring the two data centers as geo-clustered sites for site resiliency.
You need to recommend an Azure storage redundancy option.
You have the following data storage requirements:
✑ Data must be stored on multiple nodes.
✑ Data must be stored on nodes in separate geographic locations.
✑ Data can be read from the secondary location as well as from the primary location.
Which of the following Azure stored redundancy options should you recommend?

A. Geo-redundant storage
B. Read-only geo-redundant storage
C. Zone-redundant storage
D. Locally redundant storage

Correct Answer: B 
RA-GRS allows you to have higher read availability for your storage account by providing ג€read onlyג€ access to the data replicated to the secondary location. Once you enable this feature, the secondary location may be used to achieve higher availability in the event the data is not available in the primary region. This is an opt-in feature that requires the storage account to be geo-replicated.