PL-400 – Question 16


Question 16

A company uses Common Data Service rollup fields to calculate insurance exposure and risk profiles for customers.
Users report that the system does not update values for the rollup fields when new insurance policies are written.
You need to recalculate the value of the rollup fields immediately after a policy is created.
What should you do?

A. Create a plug-in that uses the update method for the rollup field. Configure a step on the Create event for the policy entity for this plug-in.
B. Update the Mass Calculate Rollup Field job to trigger when a new policy record is created.
C. Change the frequency of the Calculate Rollup Field recurring job from every hour to every five minutes.
D. Create new fields on the customer entity for insurance exposure and risk. Write a plug-in that is triggered whenever a new policy record is created.

Correct Answer: C