AZ-104 – Question 149

You have an Azure subscription named Subscription1 that contains the resources shown in the following table.

You create virtual machines in Subscription1 as shown in the following table.

You plan to use Vault1 for the backup of as many virtual machines as possible.
Which virtual machines can be backed up to Vault1?
  • A. VM1 only
  • B. VM3 and VMC only
  • C. VM1, VM2, VM3, VMA, VMB, and VMC
  • D. VM1, VM3, VMA, and VMC only
  • E. VM1 and VM3 only

Correct Answer: D 
To create a vault to protect virtual machines, the vault must be in the same region as the virtual machines. If you have virtual machines in several regions, create a
Recovery Services vault in each region.



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