AZ-104 – Question 179


You plan to deploy several Azure virtual machines that will run Windows Server 2019 in a virtual machine scale set by using an Azure Resource Manager template.
You need to ensure that NGINX is available on all the virtual machines after they are deployed.
What should you use?

  • A. the Publish-AzVMDscConfiguration cmdlet
  • B. Azure Application Insights
  • C. Azure Custom Script Extension
  • D. the New-AzConfigurationAssignement cmdlet

Correct Answer: C 
There are several versions of this question in the exam. The question has two correct answers:
1. a Desired State Configuration (DSC) extension
2. Azure Custom Script Extension
The question can have other incorrect answer options, including the following:
✑ Deployment Center in Azure App Service
✑ a Microsoft Intune device configuration profile