AZ-104 – Question 181

Your company has three offices. The offices are located in Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. Each office contains datacenter.

You have an Azure subscription that contains resources in the East US and West US Azure regions. Each region contains a virtual network. The virtual networks are peered.
You need to connect the datacenters to the subscription. The solution must minimize network latency between the datacenters.
What should you create?

  • A. three Azure Application Gateways and one On-premises data gateway
  • B. three virtual hubs and one virtual WAN 
  • C. three virtual WANs and one virtual hub
  • D. three On-premises data gateways and one Azure Application Gateway

Correct Answer: B 
Hub: A virtual  hub is a Microsoft-managed virtual network. The hub contains various service endpoints to enable connectivity. From your on-premises network (vpnsite), you can connect to a VPN Gateway inside the virtual hub, connect ExpressRoute circuits to a virtual hub, or even connect mobile users to a Point-to-site gateway in the virtual hub. The hub is the core of your network in a region. Multiple virtual hubs can be created in the same region.


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