AZ-104 – Question 205

You have an Azure subscription that contains the resources in the following table.

VM1 and VM2 are deployed from the same template and host line-of-business applications.
You configure the network security group (NSG) shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit tab.)

You need to prevent users of VM1 and VM2 from accessing websites on the Internet over TCP port 80.
What should you do?
  • A. Disassociate the NSG from a network interface
  • B. Change the Port_80 inbound security rule.
  • C. Associate the NSG to Subnet1.
  • D. Change the DenyWebSites outbound security rule.

Correct Answer: C 
You can associate or dissociate a network security group from a network interface or subnet.
The NSG has the appropriate rule to block users from accessing the Internet. We just need to associate it with Subnet1.