AZ-104 – Question 230


You have an Azure subscription.
You plan to deploy an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster to support an app named App1. On-premises clients connect to App1 by using the IP address of the pod.
For the AKS cluster, you need to choose a network type that will support App1.
What should you choose?

  • A. kubenet
  • B. Azure Container Networking Interface (CNI)
  • C. Hybrid Connection endpoints
  • D. Azure Private Link

Correct Answer: B 
With Azure CNI, every pod gets an IP address from the subnet and can be accessed directly. These IP addresses must be unique across your network space.
Incorrect Answers:
A: The kubenet networking option is the default configuration for AKS cluster creation. With kubenet, nodes get an IP address from the Azure virtual network subnet. Pods receive an IP address from a logically different address space to the Azure virtual network subnet of the nodes. Network address translation (NAT) is then configured so that the pods can reach resources on the Azure virtual network.
C, D: AKS only supports Kubenet networking and Azure Container Networking Interface (CNI) networking



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